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Blinken, Saudi FM discuss Iranian nuclear threat in call

The US State Department said in a statement Tuesday that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Saudi counterpart, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, discussed expanding collaboration between the two nations on regional concerns during a phone discussion.

They also mentioned Iran’s nuclear program and its disruptive conduct in the region as a problem.

Blinken also complimented his Saudi colleague for his efforts to reinforce and prolong the armistice in Yemen, according to the State Department, and they addressed measures to prevent the economic, environmental, and humanitarian concerns presented by the oil ship (Safer) in the Red Sea.

Last week, the Saudi minister stated unequivocally that negotiations with Iran had not progressed far enough, emphasizing the importance of establishing trust in advance of any future collaboration between the two countries.

In a speech presented at the World Economic Forum’s “Davos 2022” annual gathering in Switzerland, he also stated that Saudi Arabia is willing to address some problems with Iranian authorities if the latter want to de-escalate the situation in the area.

Saudi Arabia has consistently emphasized the need for Tehran to halt its disruptive activities in the area, which endanger international navigation, as well as its backing for militias in several Arab nations, which endangers their stability and violate their sovereignty.

Iran’s operations in the area, particularly its support for militias, have been regularly criticized by the US.

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