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As Corona is on the rise … Saudi Airlines suspends the flights of Chinese city of Guangzhou

Saudi Airlines took precautionary measures after the outbreak of the Coronavirus and suspended all flights between cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and the Chinese city of Guangzhou, Sunday until further notice.

Many airlines have suspended all flights to China, as fears spread that the Corona virus has killed more than 304 people so far. Many countries also advised their nationals not to go to China for fear of catching an infection of the Coronavirus.

Countries of the world have strengthened travel restrictions on arrivals from China, after the World Health Organization declared an international “state of emergency” due to the virus.

The Chinese authorities announced today, Sunday, that the number of confirmed deaths in the country as a result of the new Corona virus has risen to 304, after this deadly respiratory virus killed 45 additional people in Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic in the center of the country.

The new toll, published by the Health Commission of Hubei Province, showed that the outbreak had accelerated, with 1921 new infections recorded within 24 hours.

This brings the total number of HIV infections nationwide to 14,380.

It is believed that the new virus appeared for the first time in a market in Wuhan, where wild animals are sold, and spread during the Chinese New Year holiday, in which millions of Chinese travel inside and outside the country.

China took strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including quarantining more than 50 million people in Wuhan and surrounding Hubei Province.

Outside of China, the number of countries hit by the epidemic has risen to more than 20.

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