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Architecture, Design Arts Authority Celebrates World Day

The Architecture and Design Arts Authority celebrated World Industrial Design Day with a virtual meeting on Webex. The event aimed to raise awareness of industrial design’s importance and support its role in promoting environmental, cultural and economic development.

The meeting began with a speech by the Authority’s CEO, Dr. Sumaya Al-Sulaiman. She introduced the architecture and design sector as a creative expression of the built environment, its products, and their visual communication. Dr. Al-Sulaiman also highlighted the various types within the sector, including environmental architecture, interior design and industrial design.

Strategic Programs, Initiatives

The Authority has strategic programs, including 33 initiatives to advance the sector. These also include the “Design in Saudi Arabia” initiative. They aimed at supporting industrial design through a distinguishing seal for local products, competitions, awards, and other related initiatives.

Moreover, these programs focus on organizing and developing the sector, education, community involvement and enhancing the role of the Architecture and Design Arts Authority.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Sulaiman addressed questions about the future of industrial design in the Kingdom, challenges faced by designers, and growth opportunities.

The meeting is also part of a series organized by the Authority to foster dialogue among members of the architecture and design community, enrich the arts scene and strengthen communication with interested individuals and specialists.

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