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Amnesty International condemns “Illegal killings” in Iran’s prisons

Amnesty International has denounced the “climate of impunity” prevailing in Iran, with at least 70 deaths recorded in custody in ten years, and information indicating that many of these deaths are linked to the use of torture.

The organization said in a statement that the Iranian authorities “have failed to establish responsibility for at least 72 deaths in custody since January 2010,” despite information indicating that they occurred due to “the use of torture and other ill-treatment or the illegal use of firearms and gas by security personnel.” tears dropper”.

The latest documented by the organization is the death of Yasir Mangouri (31 years), whose death was reported to his family by employees of the Ministry of Intelligence in Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, on September 8, 2021.

“The news of the death of Yasser Mangouri in increasingly suspicious circumstances is revealing how the prevailing climate of impunity is emboldening security forces to violate the right of prisoners to live without No fear of repercussions or accountability.

“The authorities’ systematic refusal to conduct any independent investigations into these deaths in custody is a bleak reflection of the normalization of the arbitrary deprivation of life by state authorities,” she added.

On August 24, ” videos from the notorious Ewen Prison provided evidence of the use of beatings, sexual harassment and other ill-treatment of prisoners by prison staff,” according to the organization.

“The findings of Amnesty International, which are based on long-term research conducted by the organization and a comprehensive review of reports issued by human rights organizations and credible media, show that since January 2010, there have been at least 72 deaths in 42 Prisons and detention centers in 16 governorates across the country.

In 46 deaths in custody, informed sources, including relatives of the deceased and/or prison inmates who were imprisoned with them, stated that the deaths resulted from physical torture or other ill-treatment at the hands of intelligence and security agents or prison staff.

He continued, “A further 15 deaths occurred as a result of the lethal use of firearms or tear gas by security guards in prisons intending to suppress protests carried out by prisoners due to their fear of contracting the Covid-19 virus, according to reliable sources.

In the remaining eleven cases, “The deaths occurred in suspicious circumstances, but no further details were available about their possible causes. The majority of the deaths recorded have occurred since 2015.”

“Iranian authorities often attribute deaths in custody to suicide, drug overdose, or illness, in a hasty manner and without independent and transparent investigations,” the organization said.

Iran often defends itself against accusations by the United Nations and NGOs that it mistreated prisoners.

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