Saudi Arabia Introduces new work discipline system

The Saudi cabinet authorized recently disciplinary system to employment, advised against imposing any punishment on an employee without first investigating him, confronting him with the alleged breach, hearing his comments, researching his defense, and confirming this in writing in a report.

The punishment decision must be justified, and the rule specifies how to investigate using specific processes.

 The system, which was authorized by the Council of Ministers after the Shura Council published its judgment last Shawwal, aims to safeguard public positions, maintain the smooth operation of public facilities, and ensure that employees execute their jobs well.

Article 6 outlines the penalties that may be imposed on the employee, beginning with a written warning and a deduction from the pay not to exceed the net salary (three months), as long as the monthly deduction does not exceed one-third of the net monthly compensation.

 The penalties also may include the loss of one yearly bonus, failure to consider his promotion for not more than two years from the date of his right to the promotion, and eventual removal from service are among the consequences.

The goal of the employment discipline system is to keep the public service safe. Its goal is to guarantee that the public facility runs smoothly and that employees do their jobs well.

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