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Al-Riyadh Newspaper Calls on the World to Use Force to Stop Iran’s Hostilities

The Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadh, called on the countries of the world to push Iran to change its behavior and stop destabilizing the security and stability of the region and the world, even if that forces it to adopt other more effective, powerful and effective methods.

In its editorial, under the title “Isolating the Houthi,” the newspaper indicated that the State Department’s inclusion of the Iranian Houthi militia on the terrorist lists, even if it was late, would lead to strengthening its isolation, especially after the world realized that the Iranian threat had crossed the borders of the eastern region to western countries whose territories have witnessed continuous Iranian bombings, assassinations and attacks.

The newspaper indicated that the pseudo-Iranian project has fallen par excellence, after its goals and objectives were revealed to the Yemeni people, who suffered greatly because of Iran’s tails, represented by the Houthi militia, which collapsed and its forces crumbled on the fronts after the siege of the legitimate forces and the Arab coalition narrowed.

Iran has killed hundreds of Americans by shooting down civilian planes, bombing U.S. embassies and military barracks, and supplying munitions for attacks on American soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere. With the exception of a brief naval engagement in April 1988, the U.S. responded to Iranian aggression by attacking surrogates rather than dealing with the source of the problem.

Now, with the killing of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Washington has sent Tehran an unambiguous message that it can no longer attack Americans with impunity. For the first time since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the U.S. has taken important initial steps to establish a credible deterrent.

Deterrence is effective when an enemy is convinced that the cost of an action will outweigh the gains. Until now the Iranian leadership has suffered no losses to its own valued assets as a result of killing Americans. Soleimani’s habit of taunting U.S. officials during his travels around the region was testimony to his belief that he could act against the U.S. without consequences. The Ayatollahs had evidently concluded they had a carte blanche to harass American troops.

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