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Saudi Arabia summons Lebanese ambassador to object against Charbel Wehbe’s insults

According to the official Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Lebanese ambassador to the Kingdom on Tuesday to protest against the “abuses” of Lebanese Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe.

By “abuses”, the note referred to “the derogatory comments made by the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Charbel Wahba, during a television interview, in which he insulted the Kingdom and its citizens.”

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its strong condemnation of the shameful insults: “These statements are inconsistent with the most basic diplomatic norms and are not consistent with the historical relations between the two peoples.” The Ministry then requested the Lebanese Republic’s Ambassador to the Kingdom to reject and denounce the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs abuses.

In an interview with the Saudi MBC channel, Saudi political activist Salman Al-Ansari said that the Lebanese minister used his influence to prevent the channel from broadcasting the entire recorded episode. 

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