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Saudi Arabia grants UN $300,000 USD to support counter-terrorism efforts

Saudi Arabia grants UN $300,000 USD to support counter-terrorism efforts

Saudi Arabia contributed $300,000 USD to the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism as part of a project to develop the Arab strategy to combat terrorism, its implementation plan, and planned activities.


At the office’s headquarters, Ambassador Abdulaziz Al-Wasel, the permanent Saudi representative to the UN, handed a check for the amount of support to Vladimir Voronkov, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Counter-Terrorism.

Al-Wasel expressed Saudi Arabia’s gratitude for the office’s significant role and efforts in building and developing capabilities in the field of combating extremism and terrorism through the UN center. He emphasized Riyadh’s ongoing efforts to increase participation in regional and international efforts to combat extremism and terrorism.

Saudi Arabia is a leader in the fight against terrorism and terrorist financing. It collaborates closely with its allies on all fronts. Saudi Arabia is pursuing the men, cutting off the money, and destroying the mindset on which ISIS and other terror organizations rely.

Saudi Arabia is a primary target for Daesh (ISIS) and other terrorist organizations because it is the birthplace of Islam and the location of the Two Holy Mosques. Terrorism remains a major threat to the safety and security of our citizens and the global community, so Saudi Arabia is expanding and intensifying its counterterrorism initiatives.

Saudi Arabia has been the target of more than 60 terrorist attacks by Daesh and Al-Qaeda, with more than 25 of them occurring since 2015. Terrorist attacks have killed over 200 citizens and police officers. On social media, there has been a significant increase in Daesh activists’ rhetoric against the Saudi government.

The Saudi government has fundamentally restructured its operations over the last decade to address national security threats and prevent terrorist attacks. This includes tracking down and eliminating terrorists operating within the Kingdom.

 Saudi Arabia is a member of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, and it has taken military action in Syria to support coalition airstrikes. Saudi Arabia had flown 341 sorties against ISIS in Syria as of March 2017, second only to the US. In December 2018, Saudi Arabia announced a $100 million contribution to Coalition-supported stabilization efforts in Syria’s liberated areas.


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