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Saudi Airlines Unveils New Brand Identity

Breaking through a more technology-inspired and digitally enhanced future, Saudi’s Airline , the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, has unveiled a new brand identity during a great event in Jeddah.

The airline’s new look goes hand in hand with continuous technological development taking place in Saudi Arabia. It is also part of the company’s mission to welcome the expanding tech-industry which reflects the country’s wider aspirations.

An AI- Driven Theme:

Saudi Arabia is one of the evolving airlines accommodating artificial intelligence into its customer service. The new brand identity of Saudi Airlines presents a number of up to date services and products.

“It is not just about changing our logo or colors,” explains Khaled Tash, Group Chief Marketing Officer. “Offering digitally developed services such as ‘the Travel Companion’ an  AI– driven personal aide helps passengers with all travel related questions once they log into the Saudia app, besides directly booking flights.”

Following the Arab culture, another new option was introduced by the company, particularly for solo female passengers, who can request sitting next to other females on long time flights. The new brand identity transformation will also improve the tourism sector by tripling its passenger count over the upcoming seven years. The AI driven program is set to be launched by the end of 2023.

“Digital Transformation is not just a buzz word we use, we aim to produce the customer experience using new innovations” Tash told Arab News.

He also noted that historically, Saudi Airlines was meant to bring Saudi Arabians to the world, but now, the goal is to bring the world to Saudi Arabia, adding “We are very keen to accelerate the transition. The overall reaction from the market has been overwhelming.”


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