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Police officers’ brutality with “FBI” Agent urges Robert De Niro to comment

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Three American policemen tried to arrest an African-American man during the breakdown of the riots that occurred when George Floyd was choked to death by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The American police told the man to get up and go with them, but he declined.

When they took his identity card, they discovered that the man was working at the FBI, and they removed his restrictions, and the FBI agent began to rebuke them. He also seized their badges and asked them to wait at the police until he came to see the officer who is responsible for them.

The video was widely spread on social media, as the American actor, Robert De Niro, shared it on his own Twitter page, and wrote in his comment: “police brutality gone a wrong .

This time… these two racist cops arrested a black man not knowing that he’s undercover FBI AGENT, he confiscated their badges”.

It is noteworthy that the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather had offered to bear the costs of George Floyd funeral, an African American man, whose death while he was in police custody in Minneapolis, blew up protests throughout the United States.

George Floyd’s family lawyer, Pincramp, clarified that the first memorial for the late will be held on Thursday afternoon in Minneapolis, Minnesota (North), Floyd, 46, died of asphyxiation when a police officer pressed his knee to death after arresting him and handcuffing him to the ground, in an event that ignited a series of violent demonstrations that spread to hundreds of American cities.

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