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Kerala’s pregnant elephant, the death of humanity

By : Marwa Mahmoud

A week has passed after the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala’s Palakkad district and the killers are still free. She had eaten a pineapple stuffed with crackers, allegedly made by some locals. The death of the elephant and the pain she had suffered sparked a great deal of outrage, with thousands calling for legal action against the criminals.

The authorities launched a search to catch the guilty parties and submitted a First Information Report against unknown persons. The incident went public after a forest officer had shared the details of a tragic death on social media.

Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said,” Strict action will be taken against those involved in killing a pregnant elephant. The forest department is investigating the case and the guilty parties will be brought to the public”.

The untamed elephant had gone out of the woods of the Silent Valley, wandered into the nearby village in search of food.

Pineapples with country-made crackers are commonly used by locals to defend their fields from feral pigs. According to forest officials, one of the pineapples is suspected to have been eaten by the elephant.

The pineapple exploded in her mouth, triggering an unavoidable disaster.

The cracker explosion was so sever in her mouth as her tongue and teeth were seriously hurt. The elephant has been walking around in the village for days, in bitter pain and hunger. Because of her injuries, she was unable to eat anything. She even went back to the wilderness.

Authorities just learnt about the elephant on May 25, two days before she died.

The poor elephant strolled up to the River Velliyar and stood there. Photos showed the elephant standing in the river with his mouth and his trunk in the water, perhaps for some relief from unbearable pain. Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan, who described the details and shared the photos on Facebook, said she had to do so to prevent flies and other insects from causing her injuries.

Officials brought two captive elephants to take her out of the river.

The elephant died at 4 p.m. on May 27, standing in the river, after many attempts by the officers to rescue her.

She was taken back to the forest in a truck where she was cremated.

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