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Hamas enjoys high coordination with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Leading Figure

After many letters of thanks were sent over the past days to the Iranian guide, Ali Khamenei, the head of Hamas in Gaza announced that the movement’s leaders had coordinated at a high level with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards during the 11 days in which the Israeli warplanes bombed the Strip.

Yahya Sinwar said in statements that the movement and its military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, were in high-level communication and coordination with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Lebanese Hezbollah during the Israeli war on Gaza.

 He also indicated that the movement had made clear to Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guards that this was just a message to Israel and not a real battle.

He said that if the battle had developed, there would have been real and effective intervention on all fronts, perhaps about Hezbollah, which stood during the 11 days of the escalation silently, without moving on the Lebanese border.

It is noteworthy that Sinwar sent a message of thanks earlier to Iran, saying that it “did not skimp on the movement and all the factions with support with money, weapons, and expertise, and had a favor on them.”

The head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, also thanked Iran last week for providing weapons to the movement in Gaza.

It is noteworthy that the escalation in Gaza last week, over 11 days, resulted in the killing of more than 240 Palestinians, including dozens of children, as well as the destruction of thousands of homes.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the Palestinian Territories, Lynn Hastings, confirmed that the recent escalation had caused a dangerous humanitarian situation, stressing that “the citizens and residents in Gaza have endured severe suffering and human and material damage.

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