For the first time, 15 women constitute women’s civil defense team in Saudi Arabia

By Taha Sakr

15 Saudi women in Tabuk (Northwestern Saudi Arabia) formed recently the first female civil defense division there, which is a voluntary  team named “The Female Safety Team” , according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The Tabuk based “Female Safety Team” seeks assistance of the Tabuk official Civil Defense that consists of men in the future, this assistance will extend to include rescue, evacuation operations in accidents and fires in the places of women’s gatherings such as schools, universities and wedding palaces.

The “Female Safety Team” will also organize training courses in the fields of security and safety, whether in homes or the headquarters of government and private agencies in Tabuk.

Head of “Female Safety Team” Fatima Suleiman Al-Balawi, said after the team’s work was launched at the celebration of the International Volunteer Day organized by the Civil Defense Department in Tabuk last Thursday that team was created in order to support civil defense teams in cases that require the presence of the female members, such as school buildings, institutes, public places, and accommodation centers.

She added that the team will execute campaigns in the upcoming days aiming to spread a culture of awareness of security and concern for safety among all members of society, especially women, noting that their true role is limited to what suits their ability and does not contradict the legal provisions, customs and traditions.

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