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Criticism of banning LGBT badges in Qatar is “Moral colonialism”: Matt Walsh

Criticism of banning LGBT badges in Qatar is “Moral colonialism”: Matt Walsh

An American journalist covering the FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar reported that he was briefly arrested on his way to a match for wearing an LGBT  flag shirt.


Journalist Grant Wahl, who works for the American network “CBS”, tweeted saying that, “as he entered Ahmed bin Ali Stadium to cover the US match against Wales, security guards prevented him and told him you have to change your LGBT shirt… This is not allowed.”


He added in a second tweet that he was suspended for 25 minutes, where he stated: “I am fine, but this was an unnecessary ordeal. I am in the media center. I still wear my shirt. I was detained for nearly half an hour.”


Matthew Walsh, a well-known right-wing political commentator, and author commented on what the journalist said, describing it as a non-recognition of the principle of respecting other cultures and tossing it out the window.


The journalist knew he was in Qatar, an Arab country, and his insistence on wearing the LGBT shirt is contrary to Arab and Qatari customs and beliefs.


Walsh added that the journalist told Qatar that he would do whatever he liked without paying attention to Arab and Qatari traditions and customs.


Walsh described this behavior as moral colonialism.


“I’m not sure when Westerners will realize that their values aren’t universal. There are other cultures with different values that should be equally respected” Walsh explained.


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