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Algerian authorities seizes a person who threatened to blow up the Saudi embassy

The Saudi embassy in Algeria announced today that the Algerian authorities have arrested a person who made a direct threat to the embassy via a phone call to blow up its building.


The embassy said, in a statement, it posted on its Twitter account, that the competent authorities quickly identified that person and arrested him.


It added that the Kingdom appreciates the efforts of the Algerian authorities.


, The embassy affirmed its confidence in the security forces to protect the embassy and its employees from this threat .


The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Algeria was established on February 22, 1963.


The historical relations between the Kingdom and Algeria extend for a long time.


the Kingdom had eternal positions to advocate the legitimate rights of the Algerian people against the French occupation.


Since the beginning of the occupation, it has called for the French to leave Algeria unconditionally.


Saudi Arabia was also a bulwark against the colonizer’s attempts to obliterate the Arab and Islamic identity of the Algerians.


The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to launch a monthly bulletin, starting on February 22, on the occasion of the Kingdom’s celebration of its founding day.


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