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UN supports efforts to unify the military establishment in Libya

During their recent meeting in Tripoli, Al-Mashri and Al-Nuweiri affirmed what they described as “national ownership of the political process and that the solution to the crisis will only be Libya – Libya, and directly through the Libyan parties.”

According to a statement by the State Council, the meeting discussed the constitutional process and ways to speed up the electoral process.

In turn, yesterday the Roadmap Committee formed by the House of Representatives and the Communication Committee of the Constituent Assembly for the Drafting of the Constitution discussed the procedures for reaching an appropriate formula for what contributes to the implementation of the electoral entitlement.

The committee was scheduled to meet with the UN advisor Williams, who reiterated the UN’s support for all efforts made to Various levels to unify the military.

The Sirte meeting, which is the second of its kind in a month, discussed, in the presence of some leaders of the military administrations from both sides, the unification of the military institution, and the procedures for removing mercenaries and foreign fighters from the country.

The official Libyan News Agency quoted Lieutenant-General al-Nadori, who is also the commander-in-chief of the army stationed in the east of the country, as confirming that the meeting “was Libya-Libya very friendly.”

On the other hand, UN Adviser Williams considered that the postponement of her visit, which was scheduled for the day before yesterday, to Bani Walid (about 145 kilometers southeast of Tripoli), does not mean that it should be canceled.

Al-Dabaiba, head of the unity government, who is also the minister of defense, met with the chairman and members of the 410th Committee on organizing, absorbing, and integrating youth.

In a speech he delivered at the beginning of the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, Tripoli, Dabaiba praised what he described as the committee’s distinguished work to facilitate procedures for their inclusion and full assimilation into real and practical projects that benefit the homeland.

Dabaiba stressed that all parties should be involved in one team regarding presenting serious and practical visions and ideas through their communication with this committee.

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