Saudi Arabia to form women’s football team for people with disabilities

The Friends of Individuals with Disabilities Association in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Al-Yamamah Women’s Team, has begun planning the development of a women’s football team for people with disabilities.

Princess Dania bint Abdullah, the Association’s Executive Director, revealed to that the Al-Yamamah Women’s Team, which began with Yamamah University as the first female’s team in 2007, has the expertise to develop the project.

The crew will consist of players, a referee, and a coach; the supervisor is Princess Madawi bint Abdulaziz, as she is a football player.

Signing a partnership

Princess Madawi bint Abdulaziz, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association, stated:

“When the idea was put forward and the partnership signed with the Al-Yamamah Women’s Team to start its work next September, we were surprised by the arrival of five girls with disabilities who expressed their desire to join a football team for women with disabilities.

I invite talented and creative girls to join the team and pursue their ambitions. We have creative people in drawing, music, and arts; for sure, we also have some innovators in football.”

Girls are encouraged to register by contacting the association’s accounts through social media on Instagram or Twitter or sending their data directly via

What is the association?

The Friends of People with Disabilities Association works to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, ensuring dignity and equality for all as a fundamental principle.

It guarantees the full and equal participation of handicapped in all areas of society and focuses on recreational activities suitable for them. It also participates in developing infrastructure facilities, facilitate daily life, and enable disabled people and their families to participate in development plans.

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