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Hervé Renard receives two offers to leave Saudi Arabia

Saudi national team coach Hervé Renard received several offers after bidding farewell to the World Cup competitions.

Renard received two offers after the failure of the last World Cup, one from Belgium and one from Qatar.

The Saudi national team was eliminated from the first round after its victory over Argentina in the first round of the group stage. It suffered two defeats after that.

Yasser Al-Mishal, the president of the Saudi Federation, announced that Herve Renard is still in charge and has no plans to resign

Al-Mishal declared that Renard would remain in that capacity until the completion of the 2026 World Cup qualifying matches when his contract expires.

However, the debate continues in Saudi Arabia between those who support this survival and those who oppose it.

Some believe that the Saudi national team decreased its performance after the Argentina match, and missed a significant opportunity to qualify and achieve a historic achievement for Saudi football.

The French coach, Renard, was not one of the coaches who show off their abilities and achievements, but rather he was one of those who let the ball speak for them.

Before the start of the Qatar World Cup, Renard said, “The Green Falcons will not play under pressure, and their goals will not be to seek to equal what Saudi football achieved in the 1994 World Cup, but they will only show a beautiful image of Saudi football.”

Despite what is known for his strictness, Renard was often willing to ease the pressure on the players

This was evident in most of his statements, even after the impressive victory over Argentina in the third round, when he confirmed that the celebration of the victory would not exceed 20 minutes.

Renard said: “We celebrated this victory for 20 minutes, but we must not forget that we will play two difficult matches. You can win the first match and then lose the next two matches and be deposited”.

Renard added, “Let’s celebrate this victory, but we have to be ready for the next match, when you play the World Cup, everything can happen in football.”

The ceiling of the Argentine national team’s aspirations was high, as it entered the World Cup in Qatar after many nominated it to regain a world title that was absent from the country of legend Maradona 36 years ago.

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