WHO Considers Medina Minawara as a Healthy City

The World Health Organization granted Medina a certificate of recognition as a healthy city after it completed all the global standards required by the organization, as a healthy city with its integrated concept. Thus, Medina is the first large city with a population of over two million people to be recognized as a healthy city by the World Health Organization.

Various programs

The healthy cities program in Madinah was distinguished by its various programs, the most prominent of which is the achievement of a strategic partnership with Taibah University, to record all governmental requirements and procedures in line with global regulations, evidence and procedures, and record them on an electronic platform, in order to inform the organization about them.

Excellence initiatives

Within the distinguished initiatives for recognition, the Healthy Cities Program in Madinah enhanced the activation of society by establishing specialized charitable societies. It supports them with quality projects in partnership with government agencies. It supported them through a national pilot project, which is a project called “Electronic charity” (charitable transfer).

 “Electronic charity”  helped develop the association’s resources to play its pioneering role in society in an innovative, systematic and scientific way. The coordinator of the healthy cities program in Madinah, Ahmed Hammad, said: “The organization’s recommendation that Medina be a local and international training center is the biggest achievement of the Medina program and we are all proud of it.The organization’s recognition of Madinah as a healthy city is one of the results” according to The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 .

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