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Two Holy Mosques Affairs allocates 17 gates for the entry

The Entrances Department, which represents the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, has allocated 17 doors to receive worshipers and pilgrims.

 More than 100 door monitors were used to receive and direct visitors to the Grand Mosque to the designated places, amid strict precautionary measures.

The Director of the Doors Department at the Grand Mosque, Fahd Al-Maliki, explained that the doors for worshipers are: Ajyad Bridge, Salam Al-Shabikah, Ladder 91, the entrance to Al-Arqam Bridge, Gate 84, Gate 74, Gate 121, and Gate 114.

 As for the pilgrims, gates were allocated: King Fahd Gate, Ajyad Gate, Al-Safa Gate, the Prophet’s Gate, Al-Salaam Gate, Al-Marwa Gate, Al-Arqam Gate, and Al-Marwah Bridge.

He indicated that there are doors equipped with light signals and guiding panels that light up in green when there are vacant places inside the Grand Mosque, and light up in red when the capacity is complete.

Al-Maliki stressed not to enter the Grand Mosque at the time when the worshipers leave immediately after the prayer, as this may cause the spatial separation processes not to be achieved.

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