Trending jacket and coat models in the fall and winter of 2020-2021

Autumn is here, bringing the most beautiful fashions! It is true that shoes and shirts have a lot of latest trends, but there is no doubt that the focus is also on jackets and coats. These designs play an essential role in giving you a warm look, as well as taking your look to another level. From here, here are the hottest coat and jacket trends for the fall-winter 2020-2021 for you. Discover it and keep up with the fashion!

The Fall of 2020 Fashion Trends

What are the trending jacket and coat models in Fall / Winter 2020-2021?

  1. Bomber jacket

Fall 2020, sparkle block of 1980s! This season, Bomber jackets have popped up with innovative colors and cuts. These pieces give you a youthful and latest fashion look, and they are also suitable for casual and chic casual outfits.

  • 2-A jacket and coat with puffy shoulders

You might have adopted the top, shirt or other designs that are distinguished by the bouffant shoulders cut. But this season, you’ll be adopting this detail in jackets and coats! This trend will give you an elegant look without any effort, and it will also reflect strength and femininity at the same time. Besides, the puffed shoulders jackets and coats of classic timeless designs.

3- Velvet or Corduroy jacket

Velvet jackets in the form of corduroy stand out in the fall-winter season 2020-2021. These designs are inspired by the 1970s era, with a modern twist and a vintage style at the same time. Choose it in warm autumn tones such as brown or pastel shades such as pink and others, for a distinctive look and the latest fashion.

4 – Long Duster jacket

This fall, you can wear the Duster’s denim coat – as it is distinguished by its long, wide cut and delicate fabric. Match this jacket look with a mother of skirt dress, and sparkle with a stylish and beautiful block!

5- A military style jacket

For a feisty style, choose a military style jacket, as it is a trendy piece in Fall of 2020. You’ll find this jacket in neutral to olive colors, along with its loose fit, large pockets and delicate fabrics. If your jacket is a bit long, you can wear it as a dress. Don’t be afraid to take risks to get extraordinary looks!

6-Victorian style jacket

Go back in time to the Victorian era and choose a jacket with that flavor! Look for designs with dark prints, a high collar or a specific cut at the shoulders and waist. Also, don’t neglect the special buttons!

7-Shearling or sheep wool jacket

A jacket or coat adorned with Shearling or sheepskin is among the most sought-after jacket models in Fall / Winter 2020-2021. This Design will give you a practical, comfortable and elegant look at the same time. You only need to coordinate this design with jeans, t-shirt or shirt.

8- Checkered jacket

The checkered pattern has become a constant trend in the seasons of fashion in recent years, and this season it has noticeably mixed with jackets and coats. A checkered puff will make your jacket or coat an elegent piece. So, choose a jacket decorated with a feisty check pattern, whether in terms of size or color. Combine with simple designs or with striking pieces for an exceptional look.

9- Quilted jacket

Quilted jackets and coats are popular in the Fall / Winter 2020-2021 season. This model of jacket will give you a warm look that is suitable for the atmosphere of autumn, and it will also add an elegant touch to your looks.

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