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The story of the UAE‘s Misbaar Al Amal

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ruler of Dubai,, released on Wednesday the first photos sent by Misbaar Al Amal, which was launched by the country two days ago towards Mars.

He wrote on his official account on”Twitter”: “Misbaar Al Amal sends its first image after being away from the planet a million kilometers deep in space … A picture of its destination and  of the red planet … taken with a camera tracking the stars within its navigation devices Space. “

He added: “What a large universe … what a great creation … and what a close Creator!!

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced, on Sunday night, that it had received the first signal from the “Probe of Hope”, which set out for space on a historic trip to Mars, the first of an Arab country aimed at exploring the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Receiving the first signal is a successful breakup of the “Misbaar Al Amal” from the Japanese missile, an hour after launching into space.

“Misbaar Al Amal ” will carry tools to study the upper atmosphere and monitor climate change on Mars, and it will orbit around the Red Planet for at least two years.

The probe will travel a distance of 493 million km, during which it draws energy from solar panels, and determines its location and directions via the star tracker.

The equipment and testing team is led by the “Msbaar Al Amal ” team consisting of young Emirati cadres, in cooperation with the strategic and scientific partners of the Emirates Mars Project.

It is expected that the probe of hope will reach the orbit of Mars in February, in conjunction with the celebrations of the UAE’s golden jubilee, of 50 years since the declaration of the Union in 1971.

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