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The story of a 107-year-old Saudi woman who defeated Corona

Saudi Health Minister sponsors the “Emergency Medicine Conference”

By : Marwa Mahmoud

A Saudi elderly woman over 107 years old has recovered from complications of coronavirus, after treatment and excellent medical care in East Jeddah Hospital.

The executive director of East Jeddah Hospital, Dr. Khaled Al-Ghamdi, confirmed that the case of an 107-year-old elderly woman who was admitted to the hospital,  suffering from severe shortness of breath, which necessitated her transfer to the emergency department and was examined by the medical team immediately .

It was found that she was infected with coronavirus, which resulted in severe pneumonia, and severe acute respiratory syndrome, which necessitated placing her on a respiratory system within 4 days of her hospitalization by the anesthesia team.

After that she was transferred to intensive care under the supervision of the medical team, and she was given the necessary treatment According to the latest recommendations for the new protocol of treatment of Corona virus from the Ministry of Health, and according to international recommendations.

Within a week, the woman’s health began to improve, and the respirator was removed after a week, and she was noticed in intensive care .

After her recovery, she was transferred to the internal hypnosis department under the care of the medical staff to complete the entire treatment period, in preparation for her discharge from the hospital and she is now in excellent health.

Al-Ghamdi thanked and appreciated the medical team treating this case, who made great efforts to save her from certain death due to her old age.

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