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The Saudi Standards Authority, Warning from Certain Cooking Stoves

The Saudi Standards Authority of Metrology and Quality has warned of one of the cooking stoves that are spreading in the Saudi markets due to its low cost, yet lack of quality and its non-conformity with specifications and quality standards.

The Saudi Standards Authority
The Saudi Standards Authority

Abdul Rahman Al-Thunayan, the cooking stoves unit supervisor at the Saudi Standards Authority, reviewed through a video clip on Twitter, the most prominent disadvantages of this oven, foremost of which is its manufacture of regular sheets and regular welds, which may raise the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius.

The Saudi Standards Authority about certain cooking stoves

He noted that the tin that is placed on the food inside the horn is rustproof, and the pipes through which the gas passes do not conform to the specifications and quality that are imposed by the Saudi Standards Authority, in addition to its ability to fill the gas inside it and the occurrence of leakage in it, which may lead to endangering people’s lives.

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