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The Arabian Horse Organization launches the Riyadh Festival “Jawadi” from November 29 to December 3

Under the framework of achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in integrating entertainment and equestrian with culture and heritage, the Arabian Horse Organization is holding a festival entitled (Riyadh for the Arabian Horse (Jawadi), starting from the 29th of this month until the 3rd of December at the Al-Dahami Equestrian Center in the Diriyah Governorate.


The festival combines fun and originality, as it contains entertainment, heritage, equestrian, cultural, and other show activities for all ages, especially fans of purebred Arabian horses.


The Arabian Horse Organization is holding, under the supervision of the King Abdulaziz Center for Purebred Arabian Horses, two championships: Purebred Arabian Horses: The Saudi Production Champions Cup for purebred Arabian horses, with the participation of 80 heads of horses, and the Saudi Breeders’ Cup, with the participation of 177 heads of horses.


Horses compete for the respective titles of the two championships, and cash prizes exceeding one million Saudi riyals are presented immediately to the winners.


A number of activities have been implemented to deal with this, including showcasing the purebred Arabian horse, camels, and the Diwaniya of Knights inspired by authentic Saudi heritage. These activities are in keeping with the festival’s goal of creating an equestrian environment of the highest quality, and introducing and educating visitors about the purebred Arabian horse.


This is interspersed with sessions of traditional stories, stories about the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and others about King Abdulaziz – may God rest his soul in peace – and the kings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The exhibit also tells stories about purebred Arabian horses, in addition to special activities for horses of Saudi origin and origin, which are among the breeds with which King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman – may God rest his soul in peace – united the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with educational seminars, and workshops. Horses and the public are visitors to the festival.


The festival also organizes horse shows, which are among the favorite shows for horse lovers. They will be held for a full hour daily throughout the days of the festival.


Furthermore, the program allocated activities to allow interaction between the child and the horse. This was so that the children could gain new experiences with horses, such as riding, taking care of, and feeding.



Aside from traditional cooking shows and traditional crafts, there are also folkloric performances, live music, restaurants, cafes, and shopping areas, which give the place a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

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