“Tatman” clinics served 140,000 beneficiaries since start of operations in Makkah

“Tatman” clinics in Makkah have provided services to 140,000 beneficiaries since it started working there till present day.
The Makkah Health Authority stated that the services of the “Tatman” clinic are provided through seven clinics, which are distributed through several health centers, namely: Al-Mansour Center; Prince Ahmed Plan Center in Khaldiya; Hada Center; Sharayi Mujahideen Center; Abu Urwa Center in Al-Jamoum Sector; Gran Center in Khulais Sector and Al-Kamel Center in Al-Kamil Sector.
Noteworthy, “Tatman” clinics are dedicated to serving anyone who feels the symptoms of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) especially represented by a high body temperature. The symptoms may also be accompanied by shortness of breath or coughing. “Tatman” clinics are available to all citizens, residents and even violators of the residency system.

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