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Smart Helmets to detect temperatures of people around

In Saudi Arabia, the Emara of Sharqia, East Province Governer, is announcing its new procedures to scan people in public places. They are using smart helmets to detect temperatures for 5 meters by thermal radiation.

These helmets can scan 200 people per minute. The Emara of Sharqia is planning to use these facilities in dynamic locations and mall centers.

The cases of confirmed infections in the East Province of Saudi Arabia have reached 21,826 cases, while 14,430 have recovered, and 55 infected people have passed away.

These procedures came as a part of the efforts that are provided by the Emara of Sharqia. All these efforts are to minimize the numbers and keep everything under control by collaborating with the ministry of health.

Besides that, the ministry of health has developed a website regarding this pandemic. The site is translated into five languages in order to be user-friendly for those expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia. The languages are Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali.

This following URL is guiding to the website:

The website was designed to raise the awareness of the people living in Saudi Arabia regardless of their nationalities.

Short link :

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