Sites that you should visit inside Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah

Regularly, it is desirable for a visitor to Madinah to intend to visit the tomb of the Prophet – peace be upon him – and to draw closer to God Almighty by praying in his honorable mosque.

The great reward for all of that is with God Almighty, because visiting the grave of the Prophet – may peace be upon him – is one of the greatest acts of worship, the best of acts of worship, and the most acceptable to the Lord of the earth and the heavens.

Going to Madinah may be before or after the Hajj, and visiting Madinah to pray in the Prophet’s Mosque, is multiplied to a thousand, whereas to pray in the Sacred Mosque in Makkah equals one hundred thousand prayers.

It is necessary to visit well-known places in Madinah for lessons, remembrance, and kinship, such as the Quba Mosque, and pray two units of prayer as the Prophet used to do every Saturday.

It equals Umrah, as stated in the authentic hadith.

The Al-Fath Mosque can be visited, where the Muslims defeated the parties while maintaining the performance of the obligatory prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque. Before leaving Al-Madina, it is desirable to bid farewell to the Prophet’s Mosque by praying two units of prayer in it.

There are numbers of etiquettes that a Muslim should have when visiting Madinah al-Munawwarah. He should pray a lot for the messenger – peace be upon him – especially if the Madina landmarks, trees, and buildings appear to the visitor.

It is desirable for a Muslim before entering his honorable mosque to greet him – peace be upon him – to take a bath, put on his best clothes, and perfume.

A person while he is in Medina should feel in his heart that he is in the most honorable place on earth after Makkah Al-Mukarramah; Where God made it the emigrant of his beloved messenger, and that the spot that includes his honorable body is the best in the universe.

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