Shaqra University’s Pharmacy Team Wins 1st Place at HPC2024

Shaqra University’s College of Pharmacy team clinched the top position in the research debate competition. This victory was a highlight of the 2024 Health Professions Conference (HPC2024). The event was organized by King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Riyadh. The team outperformed 34 other teams from various health colleges and universities across the Kingdom.

Diverse Health Topics

The Shaqra University team’s triumphant display covered a wide spectrum of health-related topics, from the nuances of mental health issues and the dangers of unhealthy foods to the advancements in smart healthcare provision. Moreover, this array of subjects demonstrated their extensive knowledge and formidable debating prowess.

Winning Team Composition

The first-place team from the College of Pharmacy comprised students: Layan Albadrani, Shaden Alotaibi, and Sara Alotaibi. Additionally, they were under the guidance of the college dean, Dr. Osman Al-Omair, and the vice-dean for student affairs, Dr. Sayta Al-Harithi. Their combined efforts led to this prestigious accomplishment.

Finally, this achievement not only highlights the students’ and faculty’s dedication but also places Shaqra University at the forefront of health sciences education.

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