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Saudi’s Yazeed Al-Rajhi seeks to compete in the final round Andalusia Rally

Saudi's Yazeed Al-Rajhi seeks to compete in the final round Andalusia Rally

The Saudi international driver, Yazid bin Muhammad Al-Rajhi, is preparing for the final round of the W2RC World Rally Championship, the Andalus Rally in its third edition.


The race took place from 19 to 23 October in the city of Dos Hermanos in the province of Seville in the Andalusia region in southern Spain.


The third edition of the Andalus Rally, which was scheduled to take place in June, has been postponed due to the severe heat wave that swept Europe, especially Spain.


The Andalusian Rally, which is the only European tour in the W2RC calendar, begins on Wednesday with a qualifying stage to determine the positions to start from the first stage.


The Andalus Rally, which will be based in the Andalusian Racecourse, is the fourth and final round of the W2RC calendar, out of 4 rounds.


The Dakar Rally was its inaugural Rally in January, followed by the Abu Dhabi Rally in March, and the Morocco Rally which ended nearly a week ago.


The total distance for this year’s edition of the Andalus Rally is estimated at 1952 km; of which, 1212 km the total distance of the special stages is divided into 5 selective stages subject to speed.


The race passes on different tracks across the south of the country, starting from the province of Seville, which is the fixed point during the entire race, passing through the province of Cadiz, the province of Malaga, and the province of Huelva.


Al-Rajhi, who is in third place in the temporary general ranking of the championship, is looking forward to finishing the championship in second place; In front of him, Sebastien Loeb takes second place; But by only 22 points.


The Saudi world champion expressed his enthusiasm for winning the Andalus Rally, saying: “I am looking forward to winning the Andalus Rally, as we had a great season and really impressive results this season”.


He added, “We had a strong start as we started from the Dakar Rally and I won third place, which is a historic result for a Saudi driver ».


The Saudi champion continued: “The Andalus Rally is the final rally of the long-running rally championship this season, and I want to finish them with the top positions”.

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