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Saudi Student Opens Her Very Own Plus-Size Modeling Agency In Egypt

Saudi Student Opens Her Very Own Plus-Size Modeling Agency In Egypt

Due to the standards that fashion designers set for their outfits and the idea that a small figure is ideal for these clothes, many women experience marginalization in the world of fashion shows.

People with very own plus-size figures are marginalized by fashion designers in their designs as if to convey a message that they are inferior and flawed unless they wear certain outfits.

Since there weren’t any fat models among them, the Saudi student Rola Al-Arabi established an agency for them in Egypt.

Rola Al-Arabi claimed in interviews with BBC Arabic that she had no experience in the fashion industry, but that when she felt excluded from this group, she realized that if no one else did it, she would.

Who is Rola Al Arabi?

Rola El-Araby is a 22-year-old law student who opened an agency for plus-size models in Egypt.

Her story with the world of fashion began when she was browsing the Instagram photo-sharing site and saw a modeling agency showcasing a model with a plump body.

The size of this model was 4 or 6, but this size is not a representation of women with plump bodies, so she decided to open a platform for fashion models for people with a plump body in Egypt

She decided that this platform would be there to help them choose their clothes, and also help her in pursuing her dream of becoming a model.

She emphasized that she does not promote obesity or anorexia, but rather the need for every girl to love her body and accept it with all its flaws.

The Beginnings of a Full Model Agency

When Rola Al-Arabi started her agency, she only had $100, but her goal in opening this agency helped, not money.

Money is not one of Rola’s top priorities in life, and she admitted that the only thing that makes her happy in her line of work is when a young woman writes to tell her that the model’s physique reminds her of her own and gives her confidence.

According to Rola, the owners of brands belonging to the same generation are the most receptive to her idea and encourage others as they advance in the fashion industry together.

The Latin word, which also means “indomitable” in Arabic, inspired her to adopt this name for the organization, she added, “so that the girls feel that they are invincible and stronger than being defeated by negative comments and standards of beauty in society.”

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