Saudi market index rises 0.7% to 13,500 points

For the sixth consecutive session, the Saudi stock market rose, holding the index at its highest level in almost 16 years.

The main market index “TASI” rose at the end of today’s session, by 0.66%, equivalent to 88 points, at the level of 13,483 points, the highest level since 2006.

The value of trading in the market reached about 11.5 billion riyals through trading on 217.5 million shares.

The prices of 68 shares increased, compared to a decrease of 131 out of a total of 215 listed shares.

The share of “Equipment House” led the gains with a 9.9% rise at 92.90 riyals, while the share of ACWA Power led the losses with a 4.9 percent drop at 143.4 riyals.

With 12.3 million shares exchanged, Al-Jazira shares were the most active in terms of volume, while Amak shares topped the trading volume in terms of liquidity, with a value of 1.01 billion riyals.

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