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Saudi man rescues a grey eagle

A Saudi man found a grey eagle, one of the endangered migratory birds, in need of help. He did not think twice and took care of it for the necessary time.

“I found the eagle in the Al-Samman area near Shweh,” Nayef bin Shuaih said in an interview with “Because it couldn’t fly due to the heat and hunger, I took him to my house and fed him before contacting the National Center for Wildlife.”

“The next day, it became more active, so I brought him to a location far away from urbanization to secure his capacity to fly. The bird managed to soar to incredible heights. I think it is a patriotic and humanitarian obligation to protect nature,” he concluded.

What is the grey eagle?

The grey eagle, also called the black eagle, the monk eagle, and the Eurasian black eagle, is originally from Spain and Portugal, and there are numbers of these birds who migrate to southern France. 

They are also found sporadically in Greece, Turkey, and Central Middle East. Its habitat extends across Pakistan and northern India and up to the eastern border in Central Asia, where it breeds in north China, Manchuria, Mongolia, and Korea.

The grey eagle also is found in hilly areas and mountains and prefers open, semi-arid habitats, remote regions far from disturbance, where human presence is minor and limited.

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