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Saudi Heritage Commission registers 67 new archaeological sites

The Saudi National Register of Antiquities, which covers a variety of archaeological and historical sites, has been approved to register and document six newly discovered archaeological sites. The Heritage Authority stated on Sunday that this is the case.


This brings the total number of sites registered to 8,531 archaeological sites across the Kingdom.


The northern border region, which has 15 sites, had the highest percentage, followed by Tabuk with 13, Hail with 10, Al-Jawf with 9, and Al-Qassim with 5.


Riyadh also had 4 sites, the same in Asir, Medina 3 places, the same in Al-Baha, and finally one site in the Holy Makkah region.


The Heritage Authority’s registration of these sites is based on the Antiquities and Architectural Heritage System issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 3).


The Authority works to discover archaeological and historical sites in the Kingdom and officially registers them in the National Register of Antiquities.


The authority also projects this reality onto digital maps that enable ease of management, protection, and preservation.


It is also building a spatial database of registered archaeological sites, preserving and documenting the work being done on them, and archiving documents and pictures of heritage sites in the Kingdom.


The Heritage Authority called on citizens to report any archaeological sites discovered through the “Balagh” platform, praising citizens’ efforts during the last period.


The Authority has confirmed that the citizen’s role in reporting archaeological sites enables it to access and register them.


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