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Saudi Heritage Authority restores 4 historical palaces in Taif

Saudi Heritage Authority restores 4 historical palaces in Taif

The Heritage Authority at the Ministry of Culture launched the first phase of a project to restore, maintain and operate 4 historical palaces, including Shubra, Jabra, Qasr al-Kateb, and King Fahd Palace.

A former head of the Heritage Committee in Taif, Anas Sindi, affirmed that Taif architecture imitates the style of international architecture, not just local ones.

He referred to the design and construction of Shubra Palace, which brought him ores from Italy, Malaysia, and Turkey.

He said ‘What happened in the old days of competition between the wealthy of the Makkah region created in Taif an architectural diversity that simulates the art system of the Islamic and Roman urban heritage

Taif received many unique architectural names in the Kingdom, such as mosques in the early days of Islam, castles, forts, and dams, which were among the priorities of the projects of the Islamic era.

The governorate embraced the remaining bazaars of Islamic architecture in the central area.

Taif includes historical palaces inhabited by rulers and merchants, whose architecture harmonized with the European style

Taif has many houses carved on its doors the most beautiful carvings of plants and animals and Islamic decorations, and its facilities are mediated by arches and marble columns, crowned with Roman crowns.

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