Saudi fans clean the stands of the Education City Stadium in Doha after the match against Poland

In a classy initiative and a civilized gesture, the fans of the Saudi national team cleaned the stands of the Education City stadium. This stadium witnessed the Saudi national team’s match against the Polish national team in the 2022 World Cup group stage hosted by the State of Qatar.



Social media users have circulated photos of the fans of the Saudi team collecting water bottles and leftovers and collecting them in waste bags in the Education City Stadium.

Social media users praised what the Saudi fans did in the stadium after the match to provide a lesson to the fans of other teams. They noted that this behavior gives a positive image of the morals and sensitivity of Saudi fans.

This scene won the praise of many football fans. The national team is preparing for the third match in the World Cup group stage, against Mexico. By winning this match, they qualify for the next round.


With the start of the World Cup activities, The Saudi Crown Prince appeared at the opening of the World Cup wearing a scarf in the colors of the Qatari flag. This scarf had the words Qatar World Cup 2022 written on it.

This sparked lively interaction on social media platforms, especially after years of a diplomatic boycott between the Kingdom and Qatar, which extended from mid-2017 until reconciliation in early 2021.

The Saudi Minister of Sports announced that the Crown Prince had directed all ministries, agencies, and government agencies in the Kingdom to provide any additional support or facilities that Qatar needs to support it in hosting the 2022 World Cup.

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