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Saudi Family Forum 2021 kicks off its activities

Saudi Family Affairs Council has announced the held Saudi Family Forum in Riyadh on the 24th and 25th of October 2021, with the theme “The Role of the Family in the Sustainable Development System.”

For the first time, it will be aired online using the forum’s virtual platform and different communication channels, allowing sponsors and speakers to interact and exchange information via virtual halls.

A dialogue session with some ministers, experts, and international organizations from around the world will be held during the forum to examine the most pressing contemporary family challenges and strategies to empower and safeguard them.

The forum discusses three main themes, including:

  1. Tools to enable the family to make informed decisions in light of the current economic and social changes,
  2. The responsibility of the family towards society and the economy,
  1. family as the first sponsor of the cultural and national identity of young people.

In the first axis, experts will talk about the factors affecting family informed decision-making and its role in the empowerment process

The forum’s second axis examines the family’s social duty as a tool for attaining sustainable development, as well as analyses effective worldwide models and experiences on the family’s involvement in environmental protection.

The third axis deals with the family and the formation of cultural identity and its role in promoting good citizenship and consolidating its values ​​in the hearts of children.

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