Saudi Education Ministry reveals the mechanism of exams for this semester

Saudi Ministry of Education has unveiled the exam system for the end of the first semester for all academic levels in public, private, and international education.

Elementary stage

Exams for elementary school pupils will be conducted remotely at the end of the first semester

 Secondary school pupils who are (12) years old and over, who have completed two doses of vaccine, will be tested in attendance at school.

Not immune

For middle and high school pupils who were unable to acquire the immunization, remote tests are administered using educational platforms.

They have to deliver documented health reasons or to prove that they didn’t complete (12) years

Students who did not finish the two dosages will be examined remotely through educational platforms, with the degree of attendance deducted.

According to a special system established by the ministry, committees supervising the exams have been formed to implement and follow up on the work of the exams by the end of the first semester of 2021.

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