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Saudi Culture Ministry sends 35 to study Master-abroad

The Saudi Ministry of Culture announced recently scholarship decisions for the sixth set of cultural scholarship students.

The mission included 35 students who had already been admitted, with a male student population of 43% and a female student population of 57%, with 80% of the students pursuing bachelor’s degrees and 20% pursuing master’s degrees.

In the sixth group, students’ specialties included culinary arts, filmmaking, architecture, and so on.

The Culinary Institute of America, the Australian National University, Royal Holloway (University of London), Durham University, and other notable international institutes and universities will host this expedition.

This group is the result of the Ministry of Culture’s earlier scholarship decisions, which included five groups.

Students will study creative and cultural specialties at worldwide universities and institutes as part of the first-of-its-kind cultural scholarship program.

All of this is being done to meet the labor market’s demand for competent national cadres and talents in the arts and culture.

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