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Saudi Caricature Artist Earns Third Place in Egypt


Saudi caricature artist Ameen Al-Habarah earns an award at the “Golden Jubilee” competition in Egypt after drawing a painting on “October Victory”

Ameen spoke to ” Arabic Net” I won the third place for the Golden Jubilee Competition in Egypt, which was held to celebrate the Golden Jubilee for the October 1973 victory, I pleased to represent nationally through the art of caricature “.

He added: “There were international arbitrators in this contest, for me  the prizes are fuel for continuing the track of success and knowing how far it has reached its artistic level.”

Beginning  caricature art

Al-Habarah, founder and director of the Saudi Journalists Authority’s Caricature Oasis in Al-Ahsa, continued: “My start in the art of caricature was from 2017, I published many works in local and international magazines in the Netherlands. I was granted membership in the Global Caricature Platform.

He said: “I liked to express my thoughts and my community’s concerns with caricature. It is a stronger means of expression than speech and constitutes a soft force beyond the limits of speech. A caricature artist is a thoughtful artist. He reduces a whole article to a simple idea beyond the power of words.”

He went on to say: “I represented Saudi Arabia in many international competitions, and I received many international and domestic awards, the most recent being the second place in the 17th International Pocovina Competition in Romania. ”

He added: “I am happy to achieve 18 local and international awards in my humble career, collecting the awards means you enter the spotlight, so you must take responsibility by continuing to succeed with hard work and training the continuous development of your art, ideas and respect for your artistic audience.”

He concluded: “We hope that an association of caricature will be established to serve as an umbrella for Saudi artists and support them to highlight their talents for caricature exhibitions, so that this deep simple art will be present to the public like the rest of the arts and that its message will reach everyone.”

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