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Saudi Arabia warns of fake government applications

Engineer Ahmed Al-Suwayan, the Governor of Saudi Arabia’s Digital Government Authority, emphasized the importance of raising awareness about phone applications that counterfeit government applications to invade privacy.

The government emphasized the importance of double-checking application data before downloading it to smartphones, stating that it supplied a verified list through the unified national platform as a reference for all trustworthy government apps.

It urged all beneficiaries to verify the legality and safety of applications by downloading them from the government entity’s website or checking application data on the developer’s page and to report any false or fake applications.

This came during an awareness campaign launched by the Digital Government Authority, about fake applications that impersonate government applications, in cooperation and coordination with government agencies.

Trusted digital services

The Digital Government Authority, as the responsible authority in all matters relating to digital government and the national point of reference in these matters, aspires to create a proactive and proactive digital government capable of providing dependable and highly efficient digital services.

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