Saudi Arabia Unveils ‘Visit Saudi’: Comprehensive Travel Guide

The Saudi Tourism Authority has recently launched the ‘Visit Saudi’ platform, which serves as an extraordinary and comprehensive guide for visitors to the country.
This platform offers extensive information on tourist and entertainment sites, including cities, holy sites, malls, markets, hotels, beaches, islands, and parks across the Kingdom.
Designed to enhance the tourist experience, ‘Visit Saudi’ provides various features, ranging from flight reservations to diverse plans and programs.
Foreign tourists can conveniently apply for and obtain their tourist visas through the accompanying app.
The platform also assists travelers in finding suitable accommodations, whether in coastal resorts or archaeological sites that showcase the rich history of human civilization.
Upon accessing the website, users gain access to different sections, including Landmarks & Activities, Plan Your Trip, Travel Essentials, Events Calendar, Tourism Experiences, and Interactive Map.
The first section, ‘Landmarks & Activities,’ is further divided into four subsections:
This section offers concise summaries of all the major cities in the Kingdom, such as Riyadh, Makkah, Dammam, Al-Ahsa, Eastern Province, Al-Ula, Madinah, Jeddah, Diriyah, Tabuk, Taif, Al Baha, Abha, King Abdullah Economic City, Jizan, Qassim, Najran, Jubail, and the Red Sea.
Each city is accompanied by its own unique history, culture, traditions, landmarks, and captivating photo galleries.
Events and Activities
This subsection provides multiple categories, including culture, lifestyles, customs and traditions, and recommended adventures for each city.
Food and Beverage
With enticing images and detailed information about ingredients, this section showcases the most famous and delicious Saudi dishes.
Adventures and Tours
Aimed at offering unforgettable experiences, the tourism sector continuously presents a range of adventures, such as water activities, mountain excursions, and cave exploration.
The website also allows users to plan their entire trip by creating a day-by-day itinerary based on their preferred destinations and programs.
To ensure a stress-free travel experience in a safe and secure environment, the platform provides a quick overview of Saudi Arabia’s weather and offers tips and guidelines on travel and car rentals.
Furthermore, an interactive map is available, displaying all the events and tours across the various cities.
Whether your destination lies in major cities like Riyadh or Jeddah, the holy places of Medina and Makkah, or the picturesque landscapes of the southern regions with mountains and natural beauty, the ‘Visit Saudi’ guide offers all the services you need.
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