Saudi Arabia thwarts 7 attempts to smuggle two million Captagon pills

The Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority foiled seven efforts to smuggle more than (2.1) million Captagon tablets into the Kingdom through the Haditha port, which were discovered disguised in consignments received through the port.

When some consignments were subjected to customs procedures and examined using security techniques and live means, such as “sniffer dogs,” the authority explained that these quantities of Captagon pills were discovered hidden in various technical ways, but they clashed with the authority’s employees at the port’s competence and experience in dealing with such cases. It stated that 467441 Captagon tablets were discovered buried in a hole under the floor of one of the vehicles passing through the port in the initial failed attempt.

The second effort, involving a shipment of “starch flour” in which the smuggler had concealed (566279) Captagon tablets, was foiled by hollowing out and filling it with grain in an artistic manner within the bags and trucks.

The port was also able to block a fourth smuggling attempt after discovering (184883) a Captagon pill placed in the ornamental compartment of a truck cabin refrigerator.

It further stated that the fifth attempt to smuggle (473255) Captagon tablets was foiled after the smuggler had artfully buried them in various places of his vehicle. The number of seizures reached (26,744) on the seventh day after they were discovered buried in caches in the truck’s front end.

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