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Saudi Arabia provides more than 10 new professions for recruitment

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has made it possible to recruit ten new professionals, through the Musaned platform.


This is a part of the Ministry’s continuous work in developing the domestic labor sector in the Kingdom.


The Kingdom has provided integrated innovative technology solutions and electronic services.


it aims to raise the quality of recruitment, preserve rights, and organize the contractual relationship between all concerned parties.


The new professions available for recruitment are as follows: personal care worker, home guard, private teacher, home tailor, and house manager.


The professions included home farmer, coffee maker, home traveler, and home attendant.


Other jobs available are, a private speech and hearing specialist, a personal assistant, a support worker, and a private driver.


On the other hand, the Musaned platform organizes and automates the recruitment process in an integrated manner.


The platform contributes to providing an integrated recruitment journey for the customer.


Firstly, the customer starts to review all recruitment offices in the Kingdom

Secondly, he chooses the most suitable for him according to a data set.


After that, the selection is made according to nationalities, professions, and prices, or to view the evaluation of previous clients and others without the need to visit the office.

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