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Saudi Arabia, Pakistan begin military operations in the Arabian Sea

A combined operation “Naseem Al Bahr 13,” which included the Royal Saudi Naval Forces and Pakistan’s Naval Forces, took place yesterday in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Pakistan, the workout takes 10 days.

For the first time, the Royal Saudi Air Force will participate in the exercise, which will use live anti-ship “air-surface” ammunition in the exercise.

The naval maneuver was started with ships and boat training and training to respond to a booby-trapped boat attack utilizing radars and monitoring of water submarines.

Saudi Arabia competes with the most powerful countries in the world

The commander of the mixed exercise, “Sager Al-Enezi” noted to “Al Arabiya.net” that the two Saudi royal forces, “navy and air”, can compete with other powers from the world.

Al-Enezi pointed out that the work of the two Saudi forces today in Pakistan is working in a different threat environment, far from their areas of operations.

Furthermore, in the light of work on the creation of contemporary and advanced systems, it noted that all branches of the Saudi military can approach and face threat locations while continuing operations as required.

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