Saudi Arabia operates the largest cooling stations in the world at the Grand Mosque

Saudi General Presidency for Grand Mosque Affairs and the Prophet’s Mosque operates and maintains the electromechanical systems in the Grand Mosque

The system provides the Grand Mosque with cool air while purifying the air from germs by (100%), and it is classified among the largest cooling systems in the world.

The cooling system consumes energy of 159 thousand tons, and pumps its energy through two main stations, which are the largest in the world: the Kudai station and the Shamiya station,

The energy produced by the Shamiya plant is estimated at 120 thousand tons of refrigeration, and it is 900 meters away from the Holy Mosque.

The Ajyad plant has a production capacity of (39,000) thousand tons of refrigeration and is located (500) meters away.

The coolers of the two stations cool the water between (4) to (5) degrees Celsius, pump it through pipes to the Grand Mosque, then push the cooled fresh air to all parts of the Grand Mosque.

The agency has renovated air handling units, replaced all heat exchangers with new ones, in addition to changing all air purifier filters periodically.

The air is purified through air handling units after natural air is withdrawn from the roof of the Grand Mosque, and this is done in several stages, through efficient filters and high filtration technology,

The General Presidency oversees the operation and upkeep of these systems, where a huge number of skilled Saudi engineers and technicians control the temperatures, maintain the necessary levels of humidity, and monitor the operational state round-the-clock.

Technicians work to balance the air in the different areas of the Great Mosque of Mecca, depending on the number and density of visitors;

As for the Hajj season, the number of workers increases by 25%, to quickly deal with emergency cases, to ensure the provision of the best services

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