Saudi Arabia fines animal abusers in different governorates 1.7 million riyals

The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture fined recently 29 violators of the animal wealth and animal welfare systems, with amounts amounting to 1.7 million riyals (about 450,000 dollars).

According to the Saudi newspaper of ‘Oka’z’, the Ministry stated that the most prominent recorded violations included the non-application of Saudi standards on local animal products, the sale of animal products that are not safe for human consumption, and the transport of animals between regions without obtaining a health certificate for that.

The statement pointed out that the violations were distributed in a number of regions, as the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region came first in monitoring the violations with 16 violations, followed by the Riyadh region with 7 violations, and the Tabuk region with two violations, and then the regions of Jizan, Asir, Medina, Hail with one violation for each of them.

In addition to violations related to licenses, absence of health care within these facilities, and animal abuse by not providing the appropriate environment for them.

The Ministry affirmed that it will not fail to apply the penalties stipulated in the above-mentioned regulations to any person proved to be involved in them, calling for reporting any violations.

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