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Saudi Arabia Condemns Israel’s Decision of Re-settlement in Northern West Bank


Saudi Arabia on Wednesday strongly condemned a decision taken by the occupying Israeli authorities to allow re-settlement in the areas of the northern West Bank in Palestine.


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the Kingdom’s strong condemnation of this decision, which is a flagrant violation of all international laws, contributes to undermining regional and international peace efforts, obstructs political solutions based on the Arab Peace Initiative, and guarantees the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital,” it said in a statement.


The Israeli parliament (the Knesset) made way, on Tuesday, for the return of Jewish settlers to 4 settlements in the occupied West Bank, by amending a law passed in 2005 that ordered their evacuation from these settlements.


The repeal of some provisions of the previous disengagement law will allow the Jewish residents to return to 4 settlements in the West Bank after they were evacuated in 2005, subject to the approval of the Israeli army.


The Knesset approved this law, amid public opinion’s preoccupation with the government’s plan to overthrow the ruling system and weaken the judiciary.


Although the decision to disengage from Gaza was a unilateral Israeli decision, it turned into an internationally recognized political reality.


It is known that the disengagement plan that led in 2005 to the complete Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the removal of 21 settlements, the evacuation of 8,000 settlers from the Gaza Strip, and the evacuation of 4 settlements in the northern West Bank, between Jenin and Tubas, are: “Ghanim” and “Kadim”. Homesh and Sanur.


At the time, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon refrained from demolishing the four settlements in the West Bank, which kept settlers hoping to return to them.


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