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Saudi Arabia appoints a woman in Saudi Bar Association board of directors for the first time

Dr. Walid Al-Samaani, Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Saudi Lawyers Authority’s Board of Directors, has chosen to select five members to the Board for the third session, which will see the Authority’s first female management.

Saudi Bar Association

The nomination of each of the lawyers was mentioned in the decision: «Jasser Al-Jasser, Dr. Loay Al-Akkas, Dr. Osama Al-Qahtani, Anas Al-Zamel, and Ithar Al-Daj’.

It is the first time that a woman has been elected to the Saudi Bar Association’s Board of Directors, and this is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to empower Saudi women in a variety of professions.

Several guidelines of professional conduct for lawyers were authorised by the Authority’s Chairman of the Board of Directors in order to grow the legal profession and raise professional standards.

These standards also strive to increase the lawyer’s and his clients’ legal protection, as well as the principles of transparency and accountability, as well as his obligation to his clients, colleagues, judicial ,thorities, and society.

It is worth noting that the authority intends to elevate the standard of legal professional practise in the Kingdom, in addition to assuring their high performance and striving to expand their understanding of their professional responsibilities.

This is in order to become a leading sector that contributes to the achievement of justice, as well as to develop a professional community capable of offering a wide range of professional legal services to beneficiaries.

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