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Saudi ambassador to Yemen: Houthis are the only ones who reject peace efforts

Mohamed AlJabir, Saudi Ambassador to Yemen

Mohamed Al Jaber, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen, stressed that the Houthi group is the only rejection of peace efforts and an end to the bloodshed in Yemen.

This came in tweets by Ambassador Al Jaber on his official Twitter page, where he said: “The Houthis’ criminal actions have confirmed to the international and humanitarian community that they are the only rejecter of peace efforts. They will never stop the bloodshed. They are deliberately killing civilians and targeting them with missiles and Iranian-made drones in their mosques, homes, and even their refugee camps to escape the tyranny and oppression of the Houthi militia.
He added in a separate tweet: “I was pleased to meet with the US envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, and a number of US officials. Everyone condemned the continued Houthi attacks on the Kingdom, the Houthi brutal attack on Marib, their refusal to cease fire that increases the humanitarian suffering of the Yemeni people.”
The Saudi ambassador’s statements come at a time when the clashes continue in Marib, where the Yemeni News Agency stated in a report, Wednesday: “The army forces broke an attack by the Houthi militia on the Ma’la front and forced it to flee after the majority of its members fell between the dead and wounded. On the Juba front, the army and the resistance performed a successful detour operation to encircle Houthi elements that were trying to infiltrate into military sites, and the confrontations ended with the death of most of these elements and the arrest of the rest of them.”
It added: “On the western front, the National Army launched a preemptive attack late yesterday evening, during which they managed to destroy the capabilities of the militia on the Kasara front, and caused a number of Houthi elements to be killed or wounded.”

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